Respect and Admiration for Nature


We are an innovative business based in Salta, Argentina but acting in the whole Northwest region, trying to satisfy clients demanding goods y services that are respectful of the sustainability principles, by means of products and projects that transmit the importance of protecting the environment, contributing in this way to the wellbeing of our planet.  We offer sustainable solutions for urban developments from the planning stages to the full functioning of the housing project. We are the only business in the region with the capacity of managing environmental and landscaping issues in a combined way. The developer saves time in the search of countless independent professionals for each area involved in environmental and landscaping matters, from environment consultants to landscape architects and contractors.


Our plant nursery has a vast variety of tree, shrub, herb, grass, climber, bromeliad, orchid, fern, cacti and succulent species to offer. We have native and non-native species We also sell fertilizers, agrichemicals, plant pots, substrates, seeds, decorative objects and furniture. Our clients will receive the best technical support in the region.

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The urracas (jays) visit us nearly every day, they are very intelligent wild birds that have the habit of collecting colorful or attracting objects. That is the spirit of “Las Urracas Deco-garden”: to offer decorative objects and furniture with a unique soul, that can be placed in a veranda, by a window, a patio or a garden. Transmit joy, the force of color or the uniqueness of individually created forms, to attract. We have painted pots, enameled pots, zinc pots. Pot pins, iron sculptures, paintings, baskets, wooden benches.

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Naturalistic Landscaping – Sustainable Landscaping

Art, design and nature are our passions. To achieve high aesthetic impact, functional and sustainable spaces is our aim. We combine native species along with non-natives to create unique landscapes, with a strong local identity, anchored to the natural surroundings, creating an uninterrupted continuity.
Using native species contributes to preserve local plant genes, attracting hundreds of beneficial and visually aesthetic species such as wild birds, butterflies and other insects. In a certain way, we create small urban nature preserves that have highly visual properties and adapt to the owners’ lifestyles.
When we intervene a place, we prefer using noble materials such as stone, brick and hardwood to create unique a highly durable space with high quality finishing.

How do we work
When someone interested contacts us to design an external space, we arrange a meeting in the place in order to get to know the distribution of space and the tastes and needs of the client.
We then think a concept proposal that is presented to the client, by the means that it will analyze it and make any comment or additional idea.
Once basic issues are agreed upon, we present and avant-project, consistent in a design blueprint, drawings and a general proposal of plants and materials to be used.
The next step is the presentation of the project, with a detailed blueprint that includes the exact position of plants, constructive detail of the works and materials. In this step, we present an overall budget of the construction of the garden. Our working team, composed by our employees, contractors and providers that have been working with us for several years, will be in charge of carrying on the garden construction project, technically supervised by us.
Once the garden is finished and handed over, we provide the service of technical support for the garden maintenance. This way, a regular technical supervision is followed in order to ensure the garden design is left to evolve in the correct direction.

Some of our projects:

The new concept of urban projects

Every day more and more people submit to a new concept of urban projects: sustainable housing projects. Development causing the least possible environmental impact, preserving natural habitat areas within the urban areas, being responsible in water and energy consumption. 
Optimizing the space use to create high quality urban landscapes, with significant green indexes, native tree street planting, grey water recycling, sustainable watershed management, waste management and connection to surrounding natural landscapes.
Every pioneering Project that goes in this direction is significantly in advantage against traditional approaches. Responsibly and environmentally sensible designed projects are seen as those of better quality, capable of providing the highest living standards to their inhabitants.

Environmental and Social Impact Study

We elaborate high quality Environmental Impact Studies, with new information generated for the site to be developed as well as its area of influence. Having a thorough knowledge of specific environmental norms for each county of Salta province assure the real environmental feasibility of the projects and no administrative setbacks, preventing costly delays in the beginning of development operations.

Environmental Management Plan

Solid academy knowledge in Applied Ecology, with degrees obtained at the best university of Argentina in this specialty such as the Universidad de Buenos Aires, are a quality seal for the Environmental Management Plans elaborated by our business. These plans ensure the correct implementation for recommendations provided in the Environmental and Social Impact Study. Besides, we make environmental surveys and monitoring and we analyze the Project functioning during the construction and population stages. Air quality, biodiversity, vegetation cover change, surface water management, household water management, waste management, service infrastructure and energy consumption are assayed during the different stages of the project.

Landscaping and Sustainable Foresting Masterplan

Knowing which species to choose for street planting or for wind breaks is key to attain success in survival and growth. We propose tree planting plans adapted to the specific site conditions. Temperature, rainfall, soil type, altitude and typical species occurrence in the influence area are taken into account. This way each tree survival is ensured, using resources in an efficient way and creating, at the same time, a landscape firmly anchored to the local natural countryside. Me create landscaping designs for country club entries as well as internal common spaces. The maintenance is minimal and the looks naturalistic. These spaces are self-sustained and highly adapted to local climate. To connect remnant natural patches within the housing project with remnant patches in the outside or larger areas that lie beyond requires profuse knowledge in ecology and landscaping. By creating ecological urban corridors, the suburban and natural landscapes are united visually and functionally. These connections allow wild bird populations to flow from natural areas to inhabited areas, improving suburban landscape quality. The owners can enhance their nature experience, disconnecting from the city bustle but at the same time enjoying the city comfort.


Laura Smolko

I was raised in Olivos, in the province of Buenos Aires, surrounded by the lush trees that lined its streets. My childhood home was built in the 1920s, presumably built for one of the British railroad employees, thence its English architecture. My early holidays took place between the Eucalyptus forests of Ezeiza and the Cordoba mountains. I was a wild girl, playing with my two elder brothers, almost the same age as me. We climbed trees, swam in creeks, streams and lakes. There I started to worship nature. I was always moved by colors and the way one can combine them. Handicrafts have been a part of my life since I have memory. After high school I studied Biology, Freshwater and Marine Ecology. I worked studying most of the trophic levels, from bacteria and tissues to sea stars and king crabs. When I got my degree, I started my PhD in Salta province. I studied phytoplankton and zooplankton in freshwater bodies in Northwest Argentina. But life’s road took me to another place, and I became interested in plants and landscaping. Love for plants was not born in my youth, it started growing during my living experience in Northern Argentina, with its landscapes and walkways. I love travelling, to discover new natural environments and the plants that grow there in every new place I visit. I am especially aware the sensations and emotions these places cause in me. Information access in the digital era has been a key tool for me to get know the last landscaping tendencies as well as to get to know professionals and enthusiasts in this discipline, sharing thoughts and sensations with persons all over the World. It has showed me the significant difference between a well-designed space and one with no design at all. I will always be grateful by the beautiful opportunity this job has gave me for being able to be a present mom, with my kids being able to come along meanwhile I am working, raising them near nature.

Shannon Iturrieta

Adventurer, entrepreneur, naturalist, landscape architect, artist, writer, a status quo challenger, that’s the way I define myself. Since very early age I was nurtured by my Alps bred Austrian mother’s passion in art, adventure and nature. At the same time, I grew up with my Argentinian father´s interests in Antique art objects, decoration and plants. My childhood years took place between nature relicts in the cliffs and lowland marshes of San Isidro and San Fernando, on the riverside of the River Plate, interwoven with my eternal holidays in the province of Salta, between the cool Yungas Cloud Forest of San Lorenzo and the hot subtropical lands in El Bordo de las Lanzas, a three hundred old estancia estancia, in the Güemes county of Salta, that had an everlasting mark in my spirit and soul. The luxuriant flora and fauna, the adventure of traversing wild jungles or escaping to the mountains of the Calchaqui Valleys woke up my curiosity to learn about plants and trees, animals and insects. The landscapes and the history showed my kid’s mind how nature can cast culture. The physical earth marks the limits of how humankind interacts with the natural World. My interest in storytelling and painting also started when I was a child. As a teenager my profound awe for landscapes, its components and interactions was intensified. The I studied Biology, more precisely oriented to Applied Ecology, career I graduated not before studying a couple of years Journalism and taking some courses in literature and law. I wrote four books but published only one and also painted. I decided to combine my knowledge in the region’s plants and animals with my interests in art and design, creating a new landscaping concept in the region. In 2003 I started my landscaping studio and business which I named “Paisajismo Nativo” and started to design gardens mixing native and non-native species, trying to achieve a “local identity”. My continuous search for new native species to broaden the existing offer of these types of plants in local nurseries made me set up my own nursery that would produce enough quantity of native plants to satisfy the demand of my designs. “Vivero Nativas” was born, slowly growing, offering its products nowadays to other landscape architects and general customers. At the same time, I was CEO in sustainable development projects in the cloud forests of Salta and Jujuy as well as in the dry tropical “chaco” forest. This forestry, agricultural and cattle raising projects, carried on large expanses of native forests, completed my knowledge in the plants and animals of the region, as well as their interactions between them and with the productive landscapes created by man. I learned which is the best way to carry on productive activities using natural resources, generating the least possible impacts. I could experiment directly the best environmental restoration methods for each zone and for each type of productive activity. From my experience in sustainable forestry, came another passion, designing and building forestry products such as furniture, flooring and construction timber. There “Tatané, exterior furniture and native wood flooring”, was born, a business that produced and sold outdoor furniture and indoor and outdoor flooring(decks). Finally, “Tatané” evolved towards “Las Urracas decogarden”, that combines outdoor furniture with deco objects and “design plants”, bringing a new nursery concept to Northwest Argentina. I was Environment and Sustainable Development Director at the Municipality of San Lorenzo and actually are General Director of Green Areas in the City of Salta. I have taken a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and are developing new business projects at the moment.

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